Always and Forever


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The trees are marching beautifully in the lakeside,
as if they are the guardians, protecting breathtaking scenery.
Swaying shyly as the wind reaches the leaves softly,
whisper to them to join the dance of the nature.
For there is a celebration of love;
a celebration of a man who finally found
the one who he has been searching for,
and there is a woman who finally found the man that she is waiting for.


Happiness written all over their face, a serene and sincere feels when they are drawn closer, got lost in an embrace; all the sweet and intimate moments that we captured and crystallized in pictures through film photography. We are glad to be able to present the very best moments of their love expressions and perfect chemistry. The lake and the greenery being the witnesses, as they are one step closer to end one particular chapter in their life;

Rizky and Helise

Rizky and Helise readily enter a new chapter, to complete their kind of fairytale, together for eternity. They have met, not in a mere coincidence, but because of fate. They have found love, since he fell for her deep mind beyond her playful smile and joyful soul, since she fell for his adorable shy smile and his serenity. They have been praying and they have found the answer. For this love is an eternal bliss, an ending of every “I wish” and “what if”. And now they hearts beat as one, hand in hand sailing through the future, way past the point of being better, or the best, together they feel complete…