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Can't take my eyes off of you..

Got lost in each other’s arms, got drunk in their little perfect world. Their eyes shine. There’s a magnificent feeling,
the type that can’t be easily described with words, yet can be felt when you look at them, unexplainable yet understandable.
A patient love that is not demanding, coated with faith and understanding.


Serene and affectionate, the way they look into each other’s eyes. As if there’s something triggering all cells in their body, every time they are together there’s a splendid chemistry. The kind of passion that can be easily recognized, and we gladly immortalize in the form of pictures through film photography. Natural gestures full of blossoming love and integrity.

Dody and Renata

She has found the love of her life, someone to call her own.
He has found a place to dwell in joy and mourn, for she is his home. Painted in their faces clearly, affection and unconditional love that has been through bumpy roads and bittersweet memories. Managed to stand strong in the name of love, ready and steady to fulfil their destiny.