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The Greatest Gift
From God

A little girl is smiling from ear to ear; her little footsteps can be heard on the ground. Playing hide and seek and then run. Try to walk in balance on the roadside, just like a circus performer that once she saw. She’s laughing at the smallest joke that made. Suddenly make a pose, and then randomly dance.

of Joy

A beautiful princess is enjoying her time. Have fun with the two of her most favorite persons in the world. The two people that love her the most, unconditionally. They have fun in the nature, clothed with a sincerest smile. Laughter of joy is spreading in the air, as they are playing hide and seek, running across the green grass, and walk together, side by side.

The greatest gift from God, that makes their life complete. That once so tiny, day by day growing and turned into a bright pretty girl, with lots of dreams and questions. Filled with curiosity, asking why the sky is high? How the birds can fly? How can a prince turned into a frog? Or how come the earth is round? 

It’s Wonderful

Under the bright sky, in the greenery, we are glad to be able to capture some precious quality time of this lovely little family. In the open air and summer breeze, we get to see cute interactions between them, and present the pictures through the art of film photography. Just like atmosphere between them, natural and adorable.

A little girl is standing, with her two most favorite persons in the world, she’s in between. Holding hand tightly, with a big smile, together going through the road ahead. The road that unbelievably wonderful, yet scary; how someday her little feet will be strong enough to go her own ways, her hands may be firm enough that she won’t feel the need to hold their hands, and the road may will confused her along the way. But the little girl won’t have to worry, for her two most favorite persons will come and hold her hands, always…

Together going through
the road ahead.

The Wihadi