Forever Begins Today


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Great is The Lord God who magnificently destined them to meet. Carefully designed every detail from how he was captivated by her gentle smile and how she fell for his charms. How he swept her off her feet and how her voice drove him insane.
How she recognized his soul and waited patiently, how he learned to be a better man, a man of her destiny.

The day they finally became one..

Dody and Renata, kneel down in the presence of God;
declare their vows, for now they are no longer two, but one flesh.
A sacred atmosphere fills the room;
happy tears and smile mingle.
For this is the day when the long wait has finally over;
and they can hardly believe that their dream is finally came true.

The Vow

Dody & Renata

We are glad to be a part of their beautiful wedding and once again capture their moments on the most important day of their life. To be able to catch the precious moments nicely in film photography, from the face of the beautiful bride clothed in a white wedding dress, to the joy of the family and friends who came to give their blessings.

Great is the future, waiting ahead, the days that filled with hope, a dream of a little perfection on earth, called ‘family’, and the unknown path that they’re about to take on. Hand in hand, conquer the road ahead, with unending love deep within, and the grace of God living in.