Blooming Love


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“A Way to Happy Ending Story”

The green trees and the sound of the nature welcomed the two love birds, as they walked side by side. The sun peaks bravely from behind, without any desire to descend and yields to the twilight. What a beautiful side, when they are hand in hand, readily, make a way to their happy ending story. Having known each other for a very long time, Chris and Cindy paved their way from friendship to a love that has been blooming for years. The strong bond and undeniable devotion are the reason why they are still madly in love, even when they were a thousand miles away.

Blooming Love

There was a sparkle in their eyes, a magical vibe that anyone can see. How they looked into each other, how they smile and found clarity in each other’s arms. All the memories that have been created, every emotion fuse into one. How he gazed at her and grateful for she stays with him through the long and bumpy road, and how she smiled and thank God deep down, since the long time wait is totally worth it.

It’s been a great pleasure for us to witness their love chemistry. To be able to freeze their memories and portrayed them in film photography. Beautiful, fresh, and inspiring, to see a young love metamorphosing gracefully, entering a new chapter, to the infinity.

& Cindy

“How love found and caught me is still a mystery..
When you walked into my life,
I remember, I saw sparkles in your eyes..
I remember, I felt the warmth of your heart..
I remember how I got weakened on the knees,
the first time I saw you smile..
There’s a sweet song playing in my head..
A typical background song when someone meets
the person they fall for..
That’s when I realized, you’ve got me.
You’ve brought me joy and laughter.
You wiped off my heart that was full of misery..
You’ve taught me how to love unselfishly..
And you waited for me so patiently..
From this moment,
all the wait will be a part of our history..
As we are about to taste a happy ending of this story.
It turns out that you and I are meant to be.”