Showered With Love


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Showered With Love

A beautiful bride walks down the aisle, clothed in a traditional beautiful dress, all bright and white. There is a ray of sunshine in her eyes. It’s bright enough to light the whole room, even to melt every heart. Enchanting and graceful, she poise slowly as she is about to unfold a new journey. A journey that seems familiarly eerie yet will be the most beautiful uncertainty. Calmly, reaches the hand that she has been waiting for, the answer to her humble prayer, the man of her destiny.

Prayers recited in unison. Fond gestures were exchanged, a smile painted on everyone’s face, for this is the day to finally celebrate the love declaration of two people who have found the love of their life. It’s time to admire how God scripted all details. Ordering the whole universe to conspire to have them cross their paths and find each other.

Just like a breathtaking sky in the golden hour, serene, lovable and peaceful. Blossoming love and eternal devotion that we managed to catch in film photography, filled with natural feel and classic beauty. Presented every detail and emotion, every love expression coated with passion.

Today is the day to see a celebration of love. When two worn out hearts that have been resurrected; brace their hearts to paint a happy ending story, pledge their souls for eternity..