The Lighthouse


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"New Journey Together"

The scorching sun, salt-scented sea and the infamous heat of capital city witness them smiling in front of the camera.
There was a slight nervousness when they were told to pose,
yet it magically disappeared every time they looked into each other’s eyes. It was the tranquility, an affirmation that when they are together, everything will turn out just fine.

Cahyo and Nita

We present you their love tale in the grace and elegance of Indonesian traditional bride and groom-to-be which we captured through dynamic range of film photography, nicely and naturally. Just like their laugh and chemistry, two people hand in hand, about to sail to the most wonderful journey..

Their different characters complement each other, a perfect blend of water and fire. The beautiful fusion could also be seen in the mix of Javanese and Padangnese traditional clothings, depicting their root and ancestry.