You and Me


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It's always you all this time...

Love conquers all,

It destroys hugest obstacles, breaks any boundaries and triumph against all odds. When two people met, mingle and complement each other. When two hearts met, creating marvellous memories and taste a little paradise of earth, called love.

Marvin and Ninu came a long way and proved that their love is still standing strong. The light in their eyes reflects the burning love and affection, making every single gesture and motion feels romantic and passionate. We intend to render their priceless moments into pictures in the most natural way, through film photography.

Marvin & Ninu

It is always great to see and witness people who finally found their most precious one. Along with the breath-taking scenery full of greenery; Bali is one of the best places to celebrate their love devotion, indeed.

A gorgeous dress perfectly worn, but the best thing is the brightest smile on the happy couple’s face. As people say, smile is the best jewellery you can wear...